Show Time!

This month, my script was selected for performance in an ensemble show at the Sydenham Centre in Southeast London. The show featured nine short plays based on the theme of love and heartbreak.

Image by @SydenhamPhotos

In my play, Delegation, an unfaithful professor with a habit of sleeping with and murdering his PAs finds himself in trouble when he tries to frame his latest assistant for his crimes.

Scriptwriting is a whole new medium for me. I joined an evening course in September covering everything from radio and theatre scripts to TV and film screenplays. I’m used to writing descriptive prose so I’ve had to reign in the scene setting and focus more on dialogue and dramatic pauses. Less is more!

Image by @SydenhamPhotos

The show was sold out with a full house of a hundred people and I was really nervous on the night. Having actors perform my words in front of an audience felt surreal and oddly exposing but it was a relief when people laughed in all the right places!

It was a fabulous show and there was an audience ballot at the end to choose the best play. Ida Tidy’s brilliant Aviatrix was the worthy winner and I was thrilled to find myself in third place with a quarter of the audience vote. Hurrah!


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